GED Wisconsin


The best way to start making more money without a high school diploma in Wisconsin is to complete your General Equivalency Diploma. The GED program was initiated in 1942 and has provided millions of Americans a second chance to continue their education and pick up their learning where they left off. In Wisconsin, over 75,000 GEDs have been completed since the start of 2002, demonstrating the widespread value of the high school substitute. The reason why so many people choose to complete online GED is because so many employers and educational institutions consider the diploma to be a completely adequate substitute for a traditional high school education. Completing your education will show to your employers that you have the intellectual capabilities and determination to complete complex tasks, and following through with your degree is the best way to prove your responsibility. If you’re looking for a new job, a better position at your current job, or training for a new career, you need to invest time in yourself and your education.

GED Requirements

There are no prerequisites required to begin studying for the GED test. There are dozens of programs across Wisconsin that can provide the resources and guidance necessary for passing your test. These programs can be found at adult education centers and are usually free to enroll, with no qualifications needed. There are also hundreds of online options for study programs and test preparation. The most efficient place to being your search for online study materials is at the GED Marketplace, where official practice tests, subject reviews, and study guides can be obtained for very little expense. To challenge the official test, all test-takers must be a resident of Wisconsin for at least 10 days, not have completed high school, and be at least 18.5 years old. For students that want to take the test earlier, they must be enrolled in the Challenge academy or the state Options Program.

Top GED Test Sites

Only state-approved test sites are capable of providing official GED diplomas, so all testing must be completed at one of the many test sites across Wisconsin. For the most part, these sites are based at community or technical colleges, adult education centers, and community service centers. In the Milwaukee area, the top test sites are found at the Social Development Commission and the several different campuses of the Milwaukee Area Technical College. In the Madison area, the only convenient test center is at Madison College. There are several options in the region around Kenosha, but all of them are based at Gateway Technical College campuses. For adult education classes near Green Bay, the majority of options are based at technical colleges like the Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. Free GED classes and practice tests are available at various locations online.

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