GED Classes Online

West Virginia

95% of employers and educators in West Virginia recognize the General Equivalency Diploma as the most adequate substitute for a high school diploma. If you did not complete your high school education, there may be significant challenges to finding a fulfilling career or a suitable wage. Investing time in your education now is the most effective way to improve your future odds of success. Since 2002, almost 40,000 people have completed their GED online in West Virginia, making it the most popular diploma program in the state. There are so many reasons to advance your education and everyone has different motivations. If you want to start making more money at work, get that long overdue promotion, or start taking college-level classes, the GED will help you open doors that were previously closed to you.

GED Qualifications

The best part about the GED is that it is available to anyone and everyone. There are no qualifications required to start studying or enroll in courses for test preparation. Online materials are available all over the Internet, but there may be some misleading programs. The best places to seek out online classes and study materials are official test preparation programs that are affiliated with the program. The official GED Testing Service provides a number of useful online resources, such as study guides, course reviews, and practice tests that are based on the official test. Visit the GED Marketplace for a wide selection of low-cost study aides. There are also a variety of classes that can be taken in person. Adult education centers across the state can provide a wide selection of useful services for state West Virginians in need of guidance through the testing process. In order to take the actual GED test, there are a few qualifications that all test-takers must meet. First, all test-takers must be at least 19 years old and not have completed high school. It is possible to take the test sooner with permission from your parent or guardian. All test-takers must first achieve a score of at least 420 on an official GED practice test before challenging the real test. Only residents of West Virginia can take the GED in the state.

GED Test Sites

The main places to find official GED test sites in West Virginia are at adult education centers and vocational training facilities. Because the GED service is accredited by the state board, only approved test sites are capable of providing a diploma to test-takers. Some of the top test sites in the Charleston area include the Garnet Career Center, the Regional Education Service Agency in Dunbar, and the Boone County Career and Technology Center in Foster. There are other options for test sites at the Putnam County Board of Education and the Lincoln County Board of Education. In Huntington, the top test site is the Cabell County Career Tech Center. Try to find a test site that provides the most for your individual needs; some will have more services than others.

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