Online GED Classes


Making more money or switching careers in Washington can be nearly impossible without a high school education, which is exactly why the General Equivalency Diploma program was developed. Online GED classes are recognized by educators and employers as the most suitable substitute for a traditional high school diploma, so much so that for many, the two are considered interchangeable. Over 120,000 Washington residents have completed their GEDs in the last ten years. Whether your interest is in continuing your education or improving your career, both can be accomplished without any major expense. The GED is a government-run program and many of its most valuable services are completely free to the public. The sooner you invest time in your education, the sooner you can reap the rewards of a fulfilling career in a field of your choice.

GED Requirements

One of the best parts about the GED is that anyone can take it. There are no educational prerequisites or qualifications needed to begin preparing for the test or to enroll in study courses. Online, there are hundreds of study materials available for use. Be careful with online study guides however, as they may not be completely accurate or designed for the present version of the GED test. The best place to find up-to-date study materials is the official GED Testing Service website and the GED Marketplace. At those websites, it is possible to download practice tests, study guides, and subject reviews on all the subjects of the exam for a small price. A more popular option for test-preparation is to enroll in adult education classes. These are also low cost or free, but provide a support group and face-to-face interaction with instructors that can guide you through the testing process. In order to take the actual test, there are a few requirements that must be met. In Washington, the minimum age to take the official exam without exceptions is 19. All test-takers must not have completed high school and must be currently un-enrolled.

Top GED Test Sites in Washington

For the most part, the top test sites in Washington are offered at community colleges and technical schools. These educational institutions will be able to provide testing services and in some cases, adult education classes. In the Seattle area, the most popular test sites are South Seattle Community College and North Seattle Community College. In the Tacoma region, the top test sites are Bates Technical College and Tacoma Community College. For residents of Spokane, the options are still based primarily at community colleges. Around Spokane, the most popular GED test sites can be found at the Spokane Community Colleges, with testing services at the Institute for Extended Learning and the Colville Center.

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