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It can be extremely difficult to find a good job in Virginia without a high school education. The fastest, most cost-effective way to improve your chances for gainful employment is to complete your General Equivalency Diploma. The GED program has been around for over 70 years and since 2002, over 130,000 GEDs have been completed in Virginia alone. It is one of the most highly-respected alternatives to a traditional high school education and employers across the country recognize it as an important qualification. If you want to start making more money at work, find a new job, or take college classes, the GED is your best bet for future success.

Requirements GED Qualifications

There are no qualifications required to begin preparing for the GED test. GED classes online can be completed for no cost, but there are also adult education centers that can provide person-to-person instruction for free. If you are an independent learner, it may be more useful to study at your own pace using online materials. The most reliable places to find study guides and course reviews are at the official GED Testing Service or GED Marketplace websites, where subject guides and practice tests can be obtained for a small price. There are a few qualifications required to take the official test. In Virginia, all test-takers must be at least 18 years old and not have completed high school. They must also not be currently enrolled in any school. There are no other requirements like practice tests or state residency, so as soon as you feel prepared, you are eligible to take the GED test.

Top GED Test Sites

The main places in Virginia that host GED test sites are adult learning centers, community colleges, and technical centers. In the Virginia Beach area, the top test sites are located at technical centers and adult learning centers. The adult learning center is based at the Virginia Beach Public School system. Popular technical centers that host computer-based learning and testing services are Infotec, HyperLearning Technologies, and IntellecTech. If you are looking for a more comprehensive learning environment in the Virginia Beach area, investigate the GED program at Tidewater Community College. For the top test sites in the Richmond area, there are more options at community colleges and technical centers. Some of the most popular facilities include GIT Services, the PEAK Institute, the Chesterfield Technical Center, and the Rappahannock Community College. When choosing a test site, the best decision will account for all your needs as a student: class offerings, test formats, and convenience. Pick a test site that offers the most benefits overall.

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