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Since the General Equivalency Diploma was introduced in 1942 as an alternative to a high school education, over 42,000 residents of Vermont have completed the degree. This demonstrates the historical and continued value of the educational degree. People that want to start a better-paying or more fulfilling career choose to complete their GED online because it can open doors to higher education and vocational training programs. The majority of educators and employers recognize the GED as a completely adequate replacement for a traditional high school diploma, and completing yours will demonstrate your critical thinking skills, work ethic, and ability to follow through on your projects. These are important qualities for employment, so taking the time now to complete your education will lead to a future with many more opportunities.

Qualifications for GED

There are no qualifications required to begin preparing for the GED test. There are a few requirements required to take it, however. All test-takers must be at least 16 years old and not have completed high school. If the test-taker is a minor, they must have the signed permission of their parent or guardian. If you meet these qualifications, you can take the test whenever you feel ready. Preparing for the exam is different for everyone because we are all unique. Some students prefer to work alone, moving at their own pace, while other students prefer to be included in a group setting. If you are an independent learner, it may be more useful to take online classes to prepare. There are many places to find GED study material on the Internet, but make sure you find a program that is legitimate and has a good reputation. Only the state of Vermont can provide official GEDs, so do not pay for any program that claims to provide your diploma upon completion. For the best online learning tools, visit the official GED Testing Service website, where practice tests, subject guides, and course reviews are available for very low prices. For students that are more interested in having a group learning environment, there are many adult education classes that can provide that support. Adult education classes are usually free or low-cost, offered by community service programs and adult education centers.

Top GED Test Sites

The GED testing sites in Vermont are mostly based at adult education centers. These facilities can provide study-preparation and testing services, making them a one-stop location for GEDs. All of these state-run facilities are known as Vermont Adult Learning, with different branches in each of the state’s major cities and towns. Vermont Adult Learning centers can be found in Burlington, Colchester, St. Albans, Rutland, White River Junction, and some others towns throughout the state. There are also options at community centers that provide similar services, including the St. Johnsbury Community Education Center and Northeast Kingdom Learning Services in Newport.

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