Top 3 Reasons to Get your GED

The General Education Diploma is recognized alternative to a high school diploma. Since the GED program’s inception in 1942, there have been over 1.5 million GED classes completed in the United States. Starting in 2014, the test will be offered strictly in a computerized format, allowing for greater convenience and transparency throughout the testing process. This new system will make it even easier to get your GED.There are so many reasons to complete your high school education and so few reasons to wait. Join the countless Americans that choose to get their educations back on track with the GED program.

Employability + Career Options

97% of employers and educators recognize the GED as an acceptable replacement for a traditional high school credential. Whether you want to apply for a new job or get a promotion in your present career, having a higher degree of education will always be a useful bargaining tool. Investing the time in your education will show your employers that you are capable of following through on goals and assure them of your intellectual capabilities. With a high school degree, it is possible to enroll in vocational training programs and college-level courses. Continuing your education is a great way to learn new skills and begin a new career in a field of your choosing.


The more time you invest in your education, the more valuable your time becomes. According to the GED Testing Service, people with their high school diplomas make an average of $568,000 more in their lifetimes than people without them. By completing your high school education, it is possible to go even further. College degrees and vocational certificates are two ways to increase your income that are only possible with a high school diploma.Competing for advanced positions in the workforce is easier with more credentials and you can get paid more for your expertise.


The GED program is one of the most accessible educational programs in the country. Anyone is eligible to complete their degree and there is a huge variety of educational resources available for support through the testing process. Because the GED is runby the state, there are a number of workforce development programs, community centers and other types of state-funded organizations that cater to students in need. If you can demonstrate your financial need, there are a number of free resources and study programs available to get you through the testing process. Thanks to the new computerized testing system, test-takers can register online at their convenience, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The test must be taken in person at a state-approved testing center, but there’s no time limit and you’re entitled to as many tries as it takes to pass. There is nothing holding you back from completing your high school education if you’re ready to move forward.

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