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If you didn’t finish your high school education, the best way to find a good job in Tennessee is to complete your General Equivalency Diploma. Since 2002, the state of Tennessee has given out over 105,000 GEDs. The GED program is one of the most widely-recognized alternatives to a high school diploma. Every employer and many academic institutions consider the GED just as effective as a high school education. If you are looking for a way to improve your salary, start a new career, or take college-level courses, completing the GED is a surefire way to make a positive difference in your professional life.

GED Requirements – Qualifications

There are no qualifications required to begin studying for the GED and test-preparation courses can be completed online and in-person at many educational facilities across Tennessee. For online GED classes, it is best to choose reputable companies and well-known educational programs. It is possible to prepare for the test completely independently using online materials. The best place to find the most reliable and legitimate study materials is the official GED Testing Service’s website. They provide countless online materials for low prices, from practice tests to individual subject reviews. There are many free options and websites for online learning, but many of these can offer incomplete programs or test-prep that is inadequate or irrelevant to the official test. Enrolling in adult education classes in person is a good way to find guidance with test-prep and get help with understanding any difficult subjects.

Even though anyone can study for the test, there are some qualifications required in order to take the test. In Tennessee, all test-takers must be at least 18 years old and not have completed their high school diploma. To challenge the official test, all applicants must first achieve a satisfactory score on the official practice test. There are no residency requirements for taking the GED in Tennessee, and it is not mandatory to enroll in adult education classes, though they will greatly improve your odds of success on the exam.

Tennessee GED Test Sites

The main locations for top GED test sites in Tennessee are at community colleges, universities, and some technical education centers. In the Memphis area, the top test sites are based primarily at community colleges and public schools. The most popular test centers around Memphis are the Southwest Tennessee Community College and the Memphis City Schools Board of Education. Nearby in Jackson, other options include the Jackson State Community College and the Tennessee Technology Center, which has several test site locations throughout the state. In the Nashville area, the top test sites are the University of Tennessee and Columbia State Community College. There are also several Tennessee Technology Centers in towns outlying the Nashville area, including Shelbyville, Whiteville, and McMinnville.

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