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South Dakota GED

There are fewer job opportunities in South Dakota for people without a high school diploma than ever before, so now may be a good time to consider completing your General Equivalency Degree. The GED program has been running for several decades and since its inception in 1942, over 50,000 GEDs have been completed in South Dakota. Most people choose to complete their high school education in order to gain access to the privileges of higher learning and college classes, but there are also benefits for job-seekers and current employees. Universities, vocational training programs, and all types of employers recognize the GED as a completely effective substitute for traditional high school diplomas. Improving your personal education can show other people that you are ready to work harder, take on more responsibility, and capable of following through on your plans. Not only for impressing others, completing GED classes can give you the confidence that you are capable of achieving more.

GED Requirements

The only prerequisites needed to challenge the official GED test are that each test-taker be at least 18 years old and not have completed high school. There are no residency requirements and it is not necessary to enroll in a test-prep course or take a practice test. Anyone can begin preparing for the test. The best ways to prepare vary between different types of students, but it is possible to prepare independently or with group support. Online study materials are available across the Internet, and the most legitimate study guides can be obtained from the official GED Testing Service site. These study guides are made from previous test questions and are designed by the test-makers, making them one of the best resources for studying. If studying independently poses too many anxieties, there are many different adult education centers that can help students prepare for the test with classes, instructors, and peers. These classes are extremely beneficial for improving your odds on the official test and most are offered at no cost or very little charge. Depending on the type of student you are, there will be many different choices for how to prepare for passing your test.

Top GED Test Sites

The main places to find official GED testing sites in South Dakota are adult education centers, public schools, and some government offices. The top test sites in the Sioux Falls area include the Southeast Technical Institute, schools in the Garretson School District, the Mitchell Technical Institute, and the Southeast Job Link in Vermillion. In Rapid City, there is a greater selection of test sites in a smaller radius. Some of the most popular GED testing sites around Rapid City include the Career Learning Center of the Black Hills, the Box Elder Job Corps, and the Black Hills Career Learning Center (part of the United Tribes Technical College network). Choose a test site based on the services it offers you because some centers may be more useful for assistance with passing the test.

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