Skills you Gain from a High School Education

Besides basic math and reading skills, there are a lot of skills you gain from a high school education. High school dropouts stop going to class because the stuff they’re learning seems pointless or there are more important things in their lives to deal with. But it’s not just algebra and geometry that make math useful, it’s the way it helps our brain process. The same goes for reading and writing. It’s not just about good grammar and sentence structure, it’s also about the way we think and communicate. Here are some skills that your high school education will provide that are more useful than you might think.

Critical Thinking

The most valuable thing that education provides students is the ability to think critically. Analyze a situation and determine the best solution from a ton of possibilities. Critical thinking can be applied to any situation in your life, not just equations and essays. It helps you come up with creative solutions and manage the small issues in your life with finesse. The more time you spend learning to think, the better your problem-solving will be in every area of your life.


It takes determination to learn something that is not interesting to you. Not many people like school. This forces them to find ways to make it through the uncomfortable, boring, or challenging situations without quitting. This can be applied to everything in your life. Learning to grit your teeth and get through the unenjoyable things makes it that much sweeter when you are doing something you love. Anything worth doing takes time.

Time Management

School requires independent learning, which can eat up your free time and mess up your work schedule. Learning how to balance all the demands on your life is the best way to accomplish all your goals. Making time for all your activities, especially the ones you’d rather put off, will show you that time management is the only way to succeed in life.


High school forces you to learn about yourself. You find out about your strengths and weaknesses based on how you perform. Some people have an analytical brain, others have a creative brain. Some people do great with numbers and others do great with images. The self-awareness you gain from challenging yourself to learn new things is valuable in more ways than for a diploma. Apply the knowledge of your strengths and weakness to other areas in your life and problems will quickly start to solve themselves.

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