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Rhode Island

Finding employment in Rhode Island without a high school diploma can be difficult, and the General Equivalency Diploma is a well-established alternative that many different employers and educators accept and appreciate. The GED program has been extremely popular across the country for many decades, and in Rhode Island, over 12,000 GEDs have been completed since 2002. People that want to improve their job fulfillment, get paid more for their skills, and gain access to higher education choose the GED because it is widely recognized and costs very little to complete. There are very few reasons to postpone your high school education, and the GED can help you move forward.

Qualifications & Requirements

Preparing for the GED test can begin at any point, and there are no qualifications required to start studying. There are thousands of online study materials that are designed to review subjects like math and English, and they offer useful services like practice tests. There are also many adult education centers that can provide test preparation and GED classes for little to no cost. Because the program is state-funded, many of these adult education centers offer free services and accept all types of students. These services can be more useful than online study courses because they provide real instructors and peer groups to receive feedback and support. In order to take the test, a few qualifications must be met by test-takers. The minimum age to take the test in Rhode Island is 19 years old, and no test-taker may already have their high school diploma. If you plan to take the test on paper, you must first pass the official GED practice test. This is not required for computerized testing. All test-takers must be residents of Rhode Island.

GED Test Sites

The majority of official GED test sites in Rhode Island are based at community colleges and adult education centers. There are several options in the Providence area, though there are locations across the entire state where the test can be completed. The top test sites based at community colleges can be found at the Community College of Rhode Island, with locations in Providence and Lincoln. The most popular adult education centers are the Aquidneck Island Adult Learning Center, the Cranston Adult Learning, Woonsocket Adult Education, and Education Exchange in Peacedale. There are many different considerations for choosing a test site, so take the time to research every option. Adult education centers can provide extensive support and will greatly facilitate the testing process, so they may be worth the extra effort to get to. Community colleges also offer some test-support, but they are less common than other options in the state.

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