Register Online for the Official GED Test

Starting in 2014, all candidates can register online for the official GED test. The only test format that will be available is the computerized test. The new format will provide greater convenience and transparency for candidates seeking their Generalized Equivalency Diploma. But for many test-takers, the new system may be a bit confusing at first. Here are the steps you need to follow to register online for your GED exam.

1.      Visit the GED Testing Service

The official test can only be obtained from the GED Testing Service. The program is state-funded and only those sites approved by your state board are permitted to provide the test. To begin your registration, visit the official website of the GED Testing Service and choose the option to “Start Testing in 2014.”

2.      Provide Contact Information

The online registration is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to receive detailed information and enroll at the testing facilities in your area, you must provide your contact information. The online registration only requires your full name and your email address; there will be more details when you register for your test.

3.      Find a Local Testing Center

Once you have registered as a GED test-taker, you will be able to find the testing centers that are nearest to you. You can enter your location by zip code or city and the online registry at the GED Testing Service will provide a list of the nearest state-approved test sites. These testing centers have different offerings and unique schedules, so look through all your options before choosing a location.

4.      Pick a Test Time from the Schedule

Testing centers are open on weekdays with regular business hours. There are some test sites that offer additional test dates on weekends and evenings, but these are fewer in number than regular test times. You should not register for a test time until you are ready to pass the test unless you’ve chosen a future date far in advance and have plans to prepare. Some states have additional prerequisites that must be completed before you can take the exam. For example, you may have to enroll in adult education classes or achieve a minimum score on an official GED practice test. Before you register, make sure that you have met all the necessary requirements. Consider enrolling in an adult education class or GED study program before you register for your test; both services can be obtained for free and will greatly improve your odds of success.


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