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The General Equivalency Diploma is the most popular alternative to a traditional high school diploma and in Pennsylvania alone, over 140,000 GEDs have been completed since the start of 2001. The program was developed in the early 1940’s and has since become one of the most effective ways to continue education and improve career opportunities. It is extremely useful for gaining access to college classes, vocational training programs, new positions in the professional work force, or career advancement in a present line of work. Many people choose to complete their GED because they are ready to improve the quality of their life, and spending time on your education now is the best way to create better opportunities in the future.

GED Qualifications & Requirements

There are no qualifications required to enroll in study courses or begin preparing for the GED test. Online resources are abundant and many sites provide course guides, practice tests, and study review for free. There are also low-cost options that are backed by the official GED Testing Service and these are particularly useful because they are tailored to match the real test. There are some risks involved with pursing online study programs, as they are not always comprehensive and can lead test-takers astray with misguided practice tests. Do not pay for any program that offers your diploma; only state-funded institutes can provide the GED test and diplomas. These state-funded institutions also offer adult education classes, which are very beneficial for test preparation. These classes are usually free and there are no prerequisites to enrolling. To take the official test in Pennsylvania, there are some qualifications needed. All test-takers must be at least 18 years old unless they have completed an age waiver form. All test-takers must not have their high school diploma and must prove that they are residents of Pennsylvania.

GED Test Sites

There are many types of institutions that offer the official GED test. The top test sites in Pennsylvania are found at community colleges, adult education centers, and different kinds of community outreach centers. In the Pittsburgh area, some of the most popular testing sites include the University of Pittsburgh, the Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania, Westmoreland County Community College, and the Pittsburgh Technical Institute. In the Philadelphia region, there are more options at community centers and adult learning programs. Some of the top test sites include the Community Learning Center, United Communities Southeast, the Literacy Center, and the Community College of Philadelphia. Choose a test site based on the additional services they provide, not just convenience. Enrolling in a GED test-prep course can make it much easier to ace the test on your first try, and there are many options available for all types of students.

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