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Over 155,000 people have completed their General Equivalency Diploma in Ohio over the past decade and it remains one of the best options for continuing your education and achieving greater job satisfaction. The GED is a substitute for a high school diploma, and the program is useful for a number of reasons because each test-taker has different motivations for finishing their high school education. The most common of these reasons is to apply to colleges, get higher-paying work, or personal satisfaction. The majority of GED holders use their improved education to find new jobs or to advance further in their present line of work. Investing time in your education is an extremely valuable way to improve yourself on a personal and professional level, and is proven to pay off greatly in the future.

GED Qualifications

Anyone can begin preparing to take the GED test and generally speaking, there are no qualifications required to enroll in adult education classes. Especially online, there is a wealth of free resources devoted to helping students prepare for the GED test. The best resources are backed by the official GED Testing Service, and these materials are not free but still have very low costs. Practice tests, subject reviews, and study guides are all useful resources for students preparing for the test. There are a few qualifications required to take the test in Ohio. The minimum age to test without restrictions is 19. It is possible to take the test as early as the age of 16, but these under-aged test-takers must provide a completed GED Age Waiver form, which requires parent and school superintendent permission. Additionally, no test-taker may already hold a high school diploma. There is no requirement for enrollment in adult education class or completion of official practice tests.

Top GED Test Sites

The official GED test can only be provided by state-funded institutions. The types of places that offer testing services are adult education centers, community colleges, some high schools, career and technology centers, and some state universities. Some top test sites located at community colleges include Owens Community College near Toledo, National College of Business and Technology in Cincinnati, Sinclair Community College in Dayton, and Columbus State Community College. There are numerous adult education centers that offer testing services along with test-prep classes which provide guidance through the testing process. The top test sites at adult education centers are Prudence Learning Center, Great Oaks Center, and the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West. State universities offer the test as well and popular testing sites at these types of institutions can be found at the University of Toledo, U.C. Clermont College, and Rhodes State College. When choosing a test site, do some research on the services provided. It may be more useful to seek out adult education centers to assist with test preparation.

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