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North Dakota

If you never completed high school and find your job opportunities are limited in North Dakota, it may be time to consider continuing your education and completing a General Equivalency Diploma. The GED program is extremely popular across the country and allows many people to advance professionally and personally. In North Dakota alone, over 10,000 GEDs have been completed since 2002. Clearly, there is a widespread belief that a high school education is valuable and having your diploma can open many doors to a brighter future. Whether you want to pursue higher education, be more competitive for better-paying positions, or develop on a personal level, having your GED can help you accomplish many of your goals.


There are no qualifications required to begin preparing for the GED or to enroll in GED test-prep classes. Online materials can be found all over the Internet, and also through the official GED Testing Service website. Some study materials found online may be free and these can be useful, but take caution that you are preparing for the appropriate subjects. The official study guides and practice tests available online have low costs and may be more useful for test-preparation than the unofficial resources online. There are also many different adult education centers that can help to prepare students with test-prep classes and additional study resources. To take the actual test, the only requirement is thatall test-takers must be at least 16 years old and not have completed their high school diploma. There are no state-residency requirements, and it is not mandatory to enroll in adult education classes or pass official practice tests, as in some other states.

Top GED Test Sites

There are several different types of institutions that offer the GED test. These official test centers are the only place to take official GED tests and are state sponsored, so take care to avoid fraudulent test-providers or offers for phony degrees. The types of places that offer the test are technical colleges, adult education centers, and some state universities. Some top test sites located at technical colleges include the Sheyenne Valley Area CTC, the James Valley Career and Tech Center, and Sitting Bull College. Adult education centers are the most common type of test site and offer many useful services for test-takers. Top test sites at adult education centers include the Dickinson Adult Learning Center, the Fargo Adult Learning Center, and the Grand Forks Adult Learning Center. One of the most popular test sites is found in Bismarck, called the Bismarck GED Testing Center. Choose a test site based on the services they provide, not just convenience, because each student has different learning needs and you may need additional support to pass the test.

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