GED Classes New York

New York

The General Equivalency Diploma is a state-funded program that allows people to complete their high school-level education. In New York, the program is especially accessible, with free testing services and numerous adult learning centers for test-preparation courses. Since 2002, over 275,000 people have completed their GEDs in New York, with more people enrolling in the program every day. In order to find a better-paying job, enroll in college-level courses, or find greater career fulfillment in general, it is extremely helpful to have a high school education under your belt. No matter what your reason is, completing your GED will give you confidence in your intellectual capabilities and prove that you can follow through with projects until completion.

GED Qualifications

There are no qualifications required to begin preparing for the GED Test in New York. GED classes can be found at adult education centers across the state, and these institutes will be able to provide copious amounts of study materials for any interested applicants. There are also a great variety of study guides, practice tests, and subject reviews available online for little to no cost. In order to challenge the official test, however, there are a few prerequisites required. The minimum age to take the test is 19 years old, but applicants aged 16, 17, and 18 may apply for exception. All test-takers must be legal residents of New York. It is not required to take a practice test or enroll in any classes, but these measures will be greatly beneficial in terms of your chances for success. Fortunately for residents of New York, the GED test is offered for no charge.

Top Test Sites

The top test sites in New York are scattered across the state. The most popular ones are based in the urban center of New York City, but there are options no matter where you live. Test sites are based at adult education centers, community colleges, and different types of community-service centers. Each test site will have different offerings besides the test, such as test-preparation courses and guidance counselors. Some popular adult education centers include the Bronx Educational Opportunity Center, the Brooklyn Adult Learning Center, and the Long Beach ALC NIKE Alternative School. There are many community colleges that also offer top test sites for the GED. A few that are very popular include the Laguardia Community College, Nassau Community College, and the Medgar Evers College. There are also several high schools that are approved to provide the official test. Avoid any websites that offer the GED for a price; all testing centers are approved by the state and no online program can give you an official diploma.

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