GED Classes in New Mexico

New Mexico

Completing your General Equivalency Diploma in New Mexico is a great way to start earning more income and generally improve the quality of your life. Because employers are looking for the best candidate for the job, any measures you take to be a more attractive applicant will greatly help your chances of getting that new job or advancing in the work force to fill a higher position. In place of a high school diploma, the GED can be used to apply to universities, community colleges, and vocational schools. These educational institutions can extend your education even further, and provide you with extremely valuable skill sets for the professional world. No matter your reason for completing your high school education, the time you spend learning will pay off greatly in the future. Over the past decade, over 45,000 people have completed their GEDs in New Mexico, demonstrating the widespread value of the degree.


New Mexico is very flexible with its qualifications for the GED test. Anyone can begin preparing for the test and there are thousands of materials available for studying. There are free study materials and practice tests available on the Internet for no cost or little expense, but avoid programs that offer online diplomas. Only the state is permitted to provide GED testing services, so avoid online scams that claim to offer a diploma for a fee. At adult education centers and some community colleges, it is possible to enroll in test preparation programs. These low-cost programs are a great option for test-takers that are hesitant to prepare alone or want a reliable support system while studying. To take the test itself, applicants must be 18 years old or 17 with the permission of their parents. New Mexico does not require applicants to enroll in any courses, take any practice tests, or even legally reside in the state to qualify to take the test.

Top GED Test Sites

Test-takers in New Mexico have many options for places to challenge the GED test. The most common types of institutions that offer testing services are community colleges and adult education centers. There are other options, but community colleges are the most convenient and adult education centers are the most comprehensive. Enrolling in a test-prep program at an adult education center will greatly improve your odds for success with little expense. These centers can provide study guides, practice tests, and comprehensive services to help you register for and pass the GED test. Some of the top adult education centers include the Albuquerque Jobs Corp Center and the National Hispanic Child & Family Development Center. There are more widely-available alternatives at community colleges, and the most popular GED test sites at community colleges can be found at the Central New Mexico Community College and Santa Fe Community College.

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