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New Jersey

For those who did not complete their high school education, the General Equivalency Diploma can make it easier to obtain better-paying work or higher levels of education. The program has been in effect for many decades, and since 2002, there have been over 75,000 GEDs completed in New Jersey alone. The degree will show employers and college admissions boards that you are capable of meeting goals and handling complex, intellectual tasks. Both of these qualities are essential to working in a fast-paced and mentally-demanding work environment, so taking the time to invest in your education will pay off greatly for your future. Finding more fulfilling and rewarding work is simpler when you have more options to choose from, and the GED is a great way to open more doors for yourself.


New Jersey requires that all test-takers be at least 18 years old (or 16 with parent permission) and legally reside in the state. These are the only qualifications required to take the test, and there are even fewer needed to begin preparing for the test. There are hundreds of materials available for test-prep, both online and in-person. Study guides, course reviews, and practice tests are all available for little cost online. But adult education centers across New Jersey are also a great option for test-preparation and can provide all the most useful study materials as well. These adult education programs are available for little to no cost, and may be more advantageous for students that are less comfortable with independent review.

Top GED Test Sites

The top test sites in New Jersey for the GED can be found at community colleges, high schools, and specialized adult education centers. In the Newark area, there are several popular options. Among them are the Essex County College, the Affirmation Academy, and La Casa de Don Pedro. The Affirmation Academy is an adult education center, and these test sites are designed to help applicants through the entire process of completing their GED, rather than simply providing a test. They offer review courses and study programs to make the educational process more efficient. Other popular options in New Jersey include the Hudson County Schools of Technology, the Perth Amboy Adult School, and the Passaic County Technical School. Technical schools are a convenient option for many test-takers, though their services may not be as extensive as adult education programs. Further south in the state, some popular test sites include the Hamilton County School for Adults and the Brookdale Community College.

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