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New Hampshire

For people in New Hampshire that haven’t completed their high school education, the General Equivalency Diploma program offers an extremely accessible stepping-stone to a college education or better-paying employment. Thousands of people have taken advantage of this low-cost program to gain access to benefits that were previously unavailable to them. In the past decade alone, over 16,000 individuals have completed their GEDs in New Hampshire. There are many reasons for completing your high school education and very few excuses to put it off. With a GED, you can enroll in many different types of college, become more competitive for higher positions in the workplace, and make your life more fulfilling in countless ways. Whether you’re motivated by personal or professional reasons, there is nothing holding you back from finishing your high school education.


No qualifications are needed to begin preparing for the GED test. Whether preparing independently or enrolling in an adult education course, there are many options available to everyone. There are hundreds of study guides and practice tests available online and using these materials will give you a clear idea of which areas you will most need to prepare for and study to pass the test. In order to take the official test, there are a few prerequisites. In New Hampshire, test-takers must be 18 years old or have permission from their parent or guardian. All applicants must not have completed high school, be enrolled in any school, and must legally reside in the state. To take the paper version of the test, some testing centers require that a passing score be achieved on a GED Practice Test, but this requirement is not in place for computerized testing. To take the entire test on paper there is a $65 fee and for computerized testing there is a $120 fee.

Top GED Test Sites

The top test sites in New Hampshire are based at high schools, adult education centers, and some community colleges. Depending on your individual needs, there are different reasons to choose each type of test site. Adult education centers are the best option for all around efficiency and guidance, as they offer test-prep classes and advisors to help you through the testing process for little cost. Some of the most popular adult education centers in New Hampshire include Second Start, the Derry GED Center, the Exeter Adult Education Center, and the Dover Adult Learning Center. Some popular high schools that offer the test are Franklin High School and the Plymouth Area High School. Choose a test site based on its convenience, but also consider the advantages of each.

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