GED Nebraska


There are many reasons to complete a General Equivalency Diploma in Nebraska: better employment, continuing your education, personal satisfaction. Whatever your interest in the GED program, there are proven benefits to investing time in your education and since 2002, over 21,000 people have completed their GEDs in Nebraska. Employers will be able to see your work ethic and intellectual capabilities when you have a diploma to show them. Since the start of 2013, the unemployment rate in Nebraska has creeped up to 4% so taking the time to improve your resume with more education will better your odds at a successful future and more fulfilling career.


Anyone can begin preparing to take the GED test. There are thousands of resources available for those individuals that are proactive enough to study independently. Study guides and course materials are all available online for little to no expense. To take the test, there are a few requirements. All candidates must be at least 18 years old to challenge the exam. Exceptions are made for candidates aged 16 and up that provide proof of withdrawal from school and the appropriate application forms from the Nebraska Department of Education. The cost to take the test ranges between $0 and $75, varying between testing sites. All test-takers must be legal residents of Nebraska. It is not required to take adult education classes unless you are under the age of 18, and no practice tests are required to take the official exam.

Top GED Test Sites

There are many different types of locations that offer the GED test, but choosing the best test site will depend on your personal preferences. Top test sites can be found at community colleges, high schools, state universities, and adult education centers. Around Lincoln, some favorite test sites include the Nebraska Wesleyan University and the State Department of Education office. Near Omaha, there are options at community colleges, high schools, and adult education centers. These include the Metropolitan Community College, the Papillion Lavista Public School, and the Bellevue Adult Learning Center. Adult education centers are the best option for test-takers that are nervous about preparing for the test on their own. They provide study aids like practice tests and course guides to better the chance of success on the real test. These programs may also offer the test for less cost to students enrolled in test-prep courses, which are low-cost or free. Community colleges and high schools may also have test-prep programs, but their offerings are more limited.

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