GED Classes in Montana


Finding a job in Montana will be easier with a high school diploma, but the General Equivalency Diploma program is also a great substitute. Since 2002, there have been over 21,000 GEDs completed in Montana, proving that a large number of people believe in the value of the program. Whether you seek a better-paying job or wish to continue your education to more advanced levels with classes at college or technical schools, the GED will provide the basic skills and qualifications you need to achieve your goals. The state’s unemployment rate is dropping, but jobs are being created in industries that require training and formal education such as Information or Health Services. Getting your GED in Montana can be the first step to a much more rewarding career.


There are no prerequisites needed to begin studying for the GED test, but in order to take it, candidates must meet certain criteria. In Montana, you must be at least 19 years old to challenge the test, though it is also possible for candidates aged 16 to take the test with a notarized Age Waiver form, permission from the Adult Basic Education director, and documented proof of need to take the test, most often from a college admissions counselor or employer. All test-takers must be residents of the state, and there is a $55 fee for taking all parts of the test. It is not required to take a practice test or enroll in any adult education classes, but these measures will greatly improve your odds of success on the test. It is also possible to prepare independently, with hundreds of study materials available online for little to no cost. Practice tests, study guides, and course reviews are all great study aids and can prepare you for the challenge of the actual test.

Top GED Test Sites

The top test sites for the GED in Montana can be found at state universities and adult education centers. There are fewer options in the state, due to the geographic isolation of some population centers. The adult education centers that provide testing service are Community Health Partners in Livingston, Bozeman Adult Learning Center in Bozeman, Central Montana Education Center in Lewiston, and the Adult Learning Center in Billings. These options are more favorable for candidates that are anxious about preparing for the test independently. Classes at adult education centers can provide a peer group for studying or experts on the test to answer questions. They are especially useful for the study materials they are capable of providing to interested candidates. For a test site at a university, investigate the GED Testing Center at the Montana State University in Bozeman.

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