GED Classes Online Missouri


There are many reasons to complete your high school education, and the General Equivalency Diploma can be extremely useful for achieving your goals. The GED program is an essential service that allows people to finish their secondary education and take on greater challenges in life. Especially in Missouri, completing your GED can greatly improve your odds of employment and the quality of your career. In the past decade, over 90,000 people in Missouri have completed their GEDs. This huge number suggests that there is both historical and continued value to the educational program, and people continue to enroll in test-prep classes every year. If you want to make more money at your job, apply to college, or satisfy some personal education goals, the GED is an important first step along the way.


There are no qualifications required to begin preparing for the GED test, but there are a few criteria that all test-takers must meet. In Missouri, you must be at least 17 years old and legally reside in the stateto challenge the test. It is also possible to take the test at 16, but permission must be granted from the superintendent of your school. If homeschooled, the test-taker must have written permission from their parent or guardian that confirms the standards for course instruction have been met. It is not necessary to take any practice tests or enroll in adult education classes before challenging the test.

Top Test Sites

There are many different types of test sites for the GED program. Some offer the test on paper, but more commonly the test is computer based. In the near future, all testing will be computerized. The types of places that host the program include community colleges, adult education centers, and high schools or other public schools. Some of the most prevalent are community colleges. Some top test sites at community colleges include the Metropolitan Community College campuses at Penn Valley, Maple Woods, and Blue River. In the vicinity of St. Louis, some popular test sites include the Harris-Stowe State University, the St. Louis University Testing Center, and the St. Louis Community College. There are many reasons to pick test sites, but try to find a test site that meets the most of your personal needs. It should not just be the most convenient. Choosing a location that also offers test preparation or adult education classes can be a great way to ease your nerves and make sure you are totally prepared for the test.

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