GED Classes Mississippi


For those people in Mississippi who didn’t complete high school, getting your General Equivalency Diploma can make a huge difference when looking for work. Employers are looking for the most qualified worker for the position they need filled, and being able to prove your intellectual capabilities and work ethic is key to successfully making a good impression. The GED is a great way to show those things. Since 2002, nearly 70,000 Mississippians have completed their GEDs. Clearly, the option to continue education holds value for many people. Not only for employment purposes, getting your GED opens up pathways into college and advanced learning. Without a high school diploma, it is not possible to earn a college degree. If you want to better your chances at future success, taking the time to invest in your education will pay off greatly.


There are no qualifications required to begin studying for the GED test. There are hundreds of online study materials and course guides available. Even better, there are adult education centers that offer test-prep classes and these institutions can provide study guides and practice tests as well. There are some qualifications required to face the exam, however. In Mississippi, all test-takers must be at least 18 years old and legally reside within the state. It is possible to take the test at 16, but only if the student is a full year behind their peers and their superintendent certifies their testing status. It is not required to take a practice test before challenging the real test, as is the case in some states.

Top GED Test Sites

There are many different options for where to take the GED test. The types of institutions where the test is available include adult education centers, community colleges, high schools, and some other public schools in the state. Choose a test site based on the services it offers, not just its convenience. As an example, it may be more reassuring for some individuals to enroll in a test-prep class before facing the exam, which are offered only at some test sites. One popular test site is the Jackson Campus of the Academic Technical Center. In the same area, another favored location is the Mississippi Community College Board. Some top test sites include the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and the Southwest Mississippi Community College. The most popular test site in the area around Hattiesburg is the Hattiesburg Public School Family Education Center, where classes are also offered.


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