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One of the best ways to start making more money in Minnesota is to invest in your education. Especially if you have not completed your high school education, it can be difficult to move up in a professional setting or continue your education. This is where the General Equivalency Diploma can help. Both job advancement and higher education are things that can greatly improve the quality of your life, and the path to achieving them can begin as soon as you decide. In Minnesota over the past decade, over 60,000 GEDs have been completed, proving that there are thousands of people who believe in the value of getting their GED. Whether the reason is personal or professional, there are almost no barriers between you and the GED program.

There are no qualifications required to begin your preparation for the GED test. Anyone can study for it and there are thousands of free or low-cost study aids available for those interested in the program. Whether through the GED Testing Service or an affiliated adult education center, study materials like practice tests or study guides are available online and at select locations across Minnesota. Anyone can study, but there are some qualifications required in order to challenge the test. In Minnesota, all test-takers must be at least 19 years old and legally reside in the state. For minors at least 16 years old, the test can be challenged with parent permission and an official age-waiver application. All candidates for the GED must not have completed high school or be presently enrolled in school. Some test sites have testing fees and others require that applicants first complete the official practice test before challenging the real test.

Popular Test Sites

As mentioned before, there are several key differences between the test sites available to Minnesota residents. The majority of them are based at adult education centers, community colleges, technical colleges, and some state universities. Different sites have different test policies, with distinctions on test fees and policies. Some offer test-preparation programs for little cost and others offer exclusive tutor services for greater expense. You should select a test site based on your personal needs, whether they be geographic, academic, or financial. Some of the top test sites in the state include the Hubbs Center for Lifelong Learning, Mounds View Adult Education, Dakota County Technical College, and Inver Hills Community College. There are not as many options for test sites in Minnesota as in other states, so it may be more difficult to be selective in your preferences.

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