Massachusetts GED


There are many reasons that people choose to complete their General Equivalency Diploma in Massachusetts. Better paying jobs, college education, or personal satisfaction are all reasons that people challenge the GED exam. Since the early 2000s, over 75,000 people have completed their GED in Massachusetts, demonstrating the widely accepted value of the educational program. Employers will be more willing to recognize your intelligence and capabilities as an employee when you can prove your ability to complete projects and challenge yourself. Not only for employment, it will open many doors through the future. As the first step to completing your college education, the time you spend preparing for your test will teach you how to be a better student and a better thinker. With so few drawbacks, there is no reason not to complete your GED.


Anyone can begin preparing to take the test. With thousands of free resources available online and at adult education centers across Massachusetts, it is possible to begin training for the test for no cost at all. Many study programs based at adult education centers are also low-cost or free. Though anyone can prepare to take the test, there are some prerequisites for test-takers. In order to challenge the exam, you must be at least 16 years old with consent from your parent or guardian and an official withdrawal from high school. This is not required for test-takers aged 18 and older. No test-taker may have a high school diploma and all individuals must not be enrolled in school. All applicants must be residents of Massachusetts.

Top Maine GED Test Sites

Testing sites can be found at adult education centers, community colleges, and high schools. They are distributed between counties in Massachusetts, so finding the most convenient test site will be a simple task if you search based on location. There are reasons for choosing some programs over others, as there are many individual reasons for taking the test. For students that are the least comfortable studying independently, it will be most useful to seek out an adult education center and enroll in preparation courses. Some of the most popular test sites based at adult education centers can be found at the Boston Center for Youth and Families, the Clinton Adult Learning Center, and the Lowell Adult Education Program. The top community colleges that offer the GED test are Roxbury Community College, Holyoke Community College, and the Nantucket Community School. High schools that offer the test include Assabet Valley Regional School, Milford High School, and Somerville Public Schools.

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