GED Maryland


One of the best ways to find a better job in Maryland is to complete your high school education through the General Equivalency Diploma program. The GED is designed to impart the necessary skills and comprehensive abilities needed to enter the workplace. Over the past decade, over 50,000 GEDs have been completed in Maryland. Many people choose to take the test because they want to improve their quality of life by opening doors and creating new opportunities. Not only for employment, the GED can grant access to college classes and further down the road, a college degree. The job options will become greatly varied and much more meaningful when you invest time in your education. Starting to prepare now can lead to a much more rewarding future.


There are no prerequisites needed to begin preparing to take the GED test. There are a number of free study materials available online. These materials include practice tests, study guides, worksheets, and other types of educational aids. There are also online programs to help prepare you for the test, with structured course schedules and interactive lesson plans. Beware any program that promises to send a GED diploma or award your degree for a small payment. The only programs that can offer you your degree are state-funded and approved by the Maryland Department of Labor. Though anyone can study for the test, there are some qualifications required to challenge it. All test-takers must be Maryland residents, at least 16 years old, hold no high school diploma, and be officially withdrawn from any Maryland high school. It is not required that applicants enroll in an adult education program, though these programs are often free and open to the public. They will greatly improve your odds on passing the test.

Top Test Sites

There many different test sites available in Maryland. Most are based at community colleges, state universities, adult education centers, and some high schools. The best way to choose a test site is by location, as they are well-distributed between the many counties. Some of the most popular test sites are at the Community College of Baltimore County network. The campuses at Essex, Catonsville, Dundalk, and Randallstown all offer GED testing services. The best option for individuals that are nervous with the testing process is to seek out an adult education center. Some of the top adult education centers that offer testing services include the Lifelong Learning Center, the Southern Maryland Higher Education Center, and Workforce Technology Center.

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