GED Maine


By getting your General Equivalency Diploma in Main, you can greatly improve your odds of a well-paying job or suitable employment. The GED program is designed for those who have not completed high school, and over 23,000 GEDs have been completed in Maine since the start of the decade. There are many reasons to complete your equivalency degree, both personal and professional. As mentioned before, employers evaluate many potential employees based on their educational background, so getting a better job and applying for more competitive positions will require an investment in your education. The GED program can also open avenues to higher education. Colleges will not accept applicants without their high school diplomas. If you are seeking a college degree or the rewarding future that comes with the opportunities of higher learning, there is no better time to begin your academic journey than now.


Maine has a few regulations more than other states on the GED program. There are no qualifications required to begin preparing or studying for the test. Most online resources are completely free and study guides, practice tests, and other course materials can be found for little cost. There are some prerequisites needed for challenging the test, however. In Maine, it is required that all candidates enroll in a state-commissioned adult education program before they can challenge the test. All applicants must be at least 18 years old, be a legal resident of Maine, and not have completed high school or have been enrolled in any school for a full year. There are no fees for taking the test, and most adult education centers that are commissioned by the state will offer their services for little to no cost for state residents.

Top Test Sites

The test sites in Maine are distributed by city, rather than county, and there are many options for state residents. The sites are found primarily at adult education centers. It is best to choose an adult education center based on its proximity to you, as most programs will offer the same curriculum. Some of the most popular programs are found at the Portland Adult Education Center, the Lewiston Adult Education Center, the Bangor Adult and Community Education Center, and the A.R. Gould School in South Portland. There are nearly 75 test sites and adult education centers across the state, so finding the right program to enroll in should not be a challenge.

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