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The testing policies for the General Equivalency Diploma program in Louisiana are a bit different than in other states. Despite the differences, the GED is still one of the most valuable education options available to those individuals who did not complete high school. In the past ten years, over 75,000 GEDs have been completed in Louisiana, demonstrating the significant and long-standing appeal. Whether hoping to enroll in college courses or improve your employment options, there are many personal and professional reasons to enroll in adult education classes. Competing for a better job or a better position at your current workplace will be much easier with your high school education completed. Employers will be more willing to recognize your intellectual capabilities and your work-ethic when you can prove you have the determination required to complete the course. Investing some time in your education now can produce much greater rewards in the future.


There are no qualifications required to begin preparing for the General Equivalency Diploma test, but there are some required to challenge the test. In terms of test preparation, there are thousands of online resources and institutions that can provide adult education program material for no cost. There are also many test-prep programs available at physical locations across Louisiana. In order to challenge the GED test in Louisiana, all applicants under the age of 19 must first pass a practice GED test. These practice tests are necessary to make the process more efficient, making sure that all test-takers are adequately prepared to pass the real exam on their first attempt. To take a practice GED test, it is necessary to enroll in a state-funded adult education program. For test-takers aged 19 and older, it is possible to challenge the test without any adult education program or practice test passed. All candidates must not have completed high school or be enrolled in any school for at least six months prior to challenging the exam.

Top Test Sites

Test sites are distributed evenly throughout Louisiana’s parishes. They are based at adult education centers, community colleges, and technical schools, and can provide classes or exams. It is best to choose a test site based on your location and the geographical convenience of visiting that site. This may be more of a factor for candidates who are interested in enrolling in the adult education classes. A couple popular test sites include the Christa McAuliffe Adult Center in Baton Rouge, the Jefferson Parish School Board Adult Education center, and Dillard University in New Orleans.



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