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For many years, the General Equivalency Diploma has been an important way for residents in Kentucky to improve the quality of their lives. This is demonstrated by the fact that over the past decade in Kentucky, over 90,000 GEDs have been completed.By investing time in your education, it will become much easier to access future opportunities in personal and professional settings. Without a high school diploma, it isn’t possible to go to college or even to compete for positions in advanced career fields. The GED is a great alternative that demonstrates to employers and loved ones that you have the determination and intellectual capability to take your education to new heights. Whether the opportunity for better employment or the opportunity to continue your education is more appealing, there will be countless ways for you to change the standards of your life by graduating from a GED program.


There are no qualifications or prerequisites required to begin preparing for the test. In fact, most programs are free, so there is almost nothing required to begin except the will to learn. There are thousands of online resources available for students, like study guides, practice tests, and other types of informational texts. In Kentucky, there is a state program called Kentucky Virtual Adult Education that provides free instruction to state residents. This is one of many free education options, though there are also many options available at adult education centers. There are some requirements for taking the test. All takers must be at least 18 years old or have the permission of their parent or guardian. They must not have completed high school or be enrolled in any school for at least six months. They must be an official resident of Kentucky. Past these basic requirements, anyone who wants to take the test is capable of doing so.

Top GED Test Sites: Kentucky

There are many testing sites through Kentucky distributed by location. Generally speaking, there are options available for each county of the state. The most popular sites are found at adult education centers, community colleges, and some high schools. Some of the top test sites include the Caldwell County Adult Education Center, the East Carter Adult Education Center, the Bluegrass Community and Technical College, and the Jefferson Community and Technical College. Choosing a test site based on its convenience can be the most useful way to pick your test site, but it may also be useful to consider your options based on the educational programs offered at different test sites. Beware any online programs that charge for tuition or promise to provide a GED certificate without testing.

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