GED Classes Kansas


A great way to boost your odds of employment in Kansas is to complete your General Equivalency Diploma.  Without a high school diploma, it can be difficult to compete for advanced positions in the work place or for better-paying careers. Education provides the most necessary organizational and intellectual skills to keep up with a demanding job.  Over 35,000 GEDs have been completed in state over the past ten years, and the value continues to improve the quality of people’s lives today.  Investing time in your education can make your career more rewarding in the long run and many types of new opportunities will become available.


There are no mandatory prerequisites to begin preparing for the GED test. Especially online, there is a nearly infinite amount of free study resources. Programs and courses can be enrolled in online, but there are also a number of adult education centers in Kansas, available for guidance and instruction through the study and testing process. There are some qualifications that must be met in order to take the test, however. All candidates must be at least 18 years old or 16 with the consent of their parent or guardian. They must not have completed high school and not have been enrolled in any public or private school for the past six months.  All candidates must officially reside in Kansas.

Top Test Sites

There are many state-approved test sites across Kansas, based primarily at community colleges, adult education centers, and some high schools. Choosing the most geographically convenient test site is the most efficient way to pick, but for some there may be other considerations. For example, education centers offer professional guidance and preparation programs for the test. Choosing to take the test at one of these types of locations may be more appealing for the support. A list of notable centers in Kansas includes the Lawrence Public Schools Adult Learning Center, Paola AEC, and Salina Adult Education Center. Community and technical colleges are a convenient choice and may also be able to provide some guidance programs. Some of the state’s most popular test sites can be found at Cowley County Community College, Kansas City Community College, and the Wichita Area Technical College.  There are no GED tests available online unless found at a state-approved computer testing center. Do not pay for any programs that claim to provide GED diplomas through the Internet; the legitimate program is organized by the state.

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