Completing your General Equivalency Diploma in Illinois is one of the best ways to get paid more or continue your education or both. Without a high school diploma, it can be difficult to get hired for competitive job positions. And college is not even on the table without a diploma. In the past decade, over 150,000 people have obtained their GEDs in Illinois. The reason that so many seek out GED programs is because there is no question to the value of education. On a professional level, employers will be more willing to hire a worker who has proven they have the determination to finish large projects and the mental capability to think critically and solve problems. On a personal level, there are many learning opportunities that will become available to those who have high degrees of education, and the GED is an early step along this path.

QualificationsGED Illinois

There are no mandatory qualifications in order to begin studying and preparing for the GED test. Especially online, there are thousands of resources freely available to those studying for the test. For some test-prep programs, there may be admissions requirements based on test-scores and academic history, but these are specialized programs that cater to a select group of students. Anyone can prepare for the test independently with materials they find online. There are some restrictions on those who are permitted take the test, however. In Illinois, you must be at least 17 years old to challenge the exam or part of the Lincoln’s Challenge program. You must also be a permanent resident in the state for at least 30 days before taking the test. There is an additional test requirement in Illinois, and all GED test-takers must also pass a high school-level U.S. Constitution test.

Top Test Sites

With hundreds of locations available, residents of Illinois have many places to choose between for their GED testing site. Many test-centers provide the same computerized testing format and have little variance between them. But there are some that will be able to provide classes or study-courses, offering a more comprehensive experience for individuals who are less suited to independent study. For residents who are based in Chicago, there is one main testing center downtown at the International Academy of Design and Technology. For suburban test-takers, community colleges are the main providers of the GED test. A few commonly chosen campuses are the College of DuPage and Prairie State College. In the more rural areas to the south, the extensive community college network provides many campus locations for the test. To find the nearest one to your location, check the Illinois Community College Board for listings.

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