How to Find a Local GED Study Program

Finding a local GED study program or adult education class can help you achieve a better score on your test with less effort and more confidence. There are approximately 1,500 state-approved test-prep programs for the General Equivalency Diploma test in the United States and Canada. These programs are sponsored by the state and offer many different services to test-takers. They offer practice tests, official tests, career counseling services, and even more valuable options for candidatespreparing to take the GED.

In general, these types of adult education programs are located at several types of educational institutions and organizations. Community colleges, technical schools, adult education centers, charitable organizations, community outreach programs, and workforce development services are frequent providers of test-prep and study courses. Depending on the type of assistance you need, there may be advantages to some types over others. For example, workforce development services and adult education centers can also provide career counseling or help with job placement.

There are two extremely popular ways that people find a local GED class in their areas and both of them are as easy as visiting a website. The first option is the GED Testing Service’s website. This site offers detail information on testing policies and state-approved test centers. You can find the nearest testing sites with your zip code. Many of these test sites also offer adult education classes or test-prep programs to help prepare candidates. But some are only for testing, so make sure to call ahead for verification.

The second most popular option for finding nearby adult education classes is the National Literacy Directory. This non-profit organization is responsible to organizing and maintaining a large registry of literacy programs and GED study classes. On their website, you can use your zip code or city to find a local program that suits your needs. This registry is updated once a year, so it may be useful to get in touch with a real person affiliated with the program in which you are interested. This online resource is especially useful for locating English as a Second Language classes and other specialty programs.

Most adult education classes and GED study programs are provided for free. These classes are designed for the benefit of test-takers and there is no hidden agenda. Thousands of people are required to take these classes as part of state policies, but even more choose to take them of their own free will. There are significant benefits to taking a class before the test: score higher, stress less, and achieve more. The GED test is the first step to continuing your professional development and the better you perform on your test, the brighter your future. Take the time you need and get the help that is available to all.

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