Getting a job in Hawaii without a high school diploma can be especially difficult. If you are struggling to find employment, a useful alternative to a high school education is the General Equivalency Diploma. The GED program allows participants to further their education and open doors that were previously closed to them. With over 13,000 GEDs completed in Hawaii over the past decade, the benefits of the program remain unquestionable. If you aspire to go to college or to get a better paying job or both, you should be able to demonstrate your hard-work, determination, and intellectual capabilities. As a measure of all these things, a GED is your best bet for progress.


There are no qualifications required to enroll in a GED class online, though at private institutions, there may be some specific requirements related to test scores or financial need. Because there are so many study materials freely available online, it is possible to study for the test independently and without cost. For students who are more comfortable with GED Hawaiiguidance or hands-on instruction, online courses may be more useful than independent study. There are some qualifications to take the test itself, however. All test-takers must be over the age of 16, but for those applicants aged 16 and 17, parent or guardian permission and proof of withdrawal from their last school is required in a notarized letter. All test-takers must not have a high school diploma but have at least one semester of instruction at a Hawaii school, meaning any public, private, or community school for adults in the state. There is also a charge of $150 for administering all parts of the test.

Top Test Sites

There are ten options for test sites in Hawaii, all of which are based at the state’s community schools for adults. The community schools for adults are categorized into two programs.The McKinley Community Schools for Adults has several campuses on the state’s smaller island system and the Waipahu Community Schools for Adults offers instruction on the largest island, Hawai’i.. The McKinley Community School for Adults has a main campus located in Honolulu and the Waipahu Community School for Adults has a main campus located in Waipahu. The rest of the education centers are regionally distributed, with the Farrington Campus and Moanalua Campus located in Honolulu. The campuses at Wahiawa, Kailua, Hilo, and Kailua-Kona are all part of the Waipahu Community School for Adults system. Choosing a test-center based on location will be the most useful for residents of the island state.

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