Getting a Discount on GED Retakes

Most GED classes are designed to offer the most benefit to its test-takers as possible, including discounts for any retakes that are scheduled. There’s no problem if you don’t pass on your first try, you can schedule as many retakes as you need. Students must achieve a passing score on each of the 4 subjects in order to complete their GED. It is possible to challenge all the subjects at once or each individually. For retakes, it makes the most sense to challenge the individual subjects that were not passed. The GED Testing Service offers a limited number of discounts on retakes. Here’s how it works.

Schedule a Test – Get Two Retakes

When you schedule your GED test, you are automatically qualified for two discounted retake attempts. If you schedule a single subject test, you will get just two discounted attempts. The discount is automatically applied to the next subject test you schedule and you cannot use more than one discount at once. The only fees that will be applied are those from the testing center for the cost of administering the test. The GED does not charge the test-taker for the subject test.

If you schedule a full battery test for all four subjects, you will automatically get eight discounted retakes. Again, these discounts can only be applied one at a time. Instead of paying $20 per subject and the testing centers additional fees, you will only have to pay the testing center fees.

Testing Center Fees 

The discount is extremely helpful, but the retakes still won’t be totally free. In some states, testing centers are funded by the state and do not charge for their services. But in most others, privately run testing centers must charge for the service they are providing to GED test takers. Even at private testing centers, the discounts from GED Testing Service will automatically be applied to the cost of testing.

To find out the price for testing in your state, visit and create a user profile. The MyGED site provides a wide range of detailed information on testing policies and state-level details. Because there are so many differences between state rules, it is important to be aware of your state’s requirements and specific costs. If you’re having trouble passing a particular subject, consider enrolling in a free adult education course to make the most out of your limited discounted retakes.

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