For access to better paying jobs and higher levels of education in Georgia, a General Equivalency Diploma is a must-have. As a substitute for the standard high school diploma, the GED proves to employers that an individual is capable of performing all the mental tasks required in a professional environment. Not just for employment, the GED also opens doors to college education and further self-development. If you are seeking a sustainable career path that is personally and monetarily rewarding, the best step to take is achieving your secondary degree. In the past 15 years, over 200,000 Georgians have completed their GEDs and the program continues to advance, with computer testing widely implemented across the state.

QualificationsGED Georgia

There are no necessary qualifications to begin studying, enroll in a course, or otherwise prepare for the GED test. Online classes are available through private and state providers, and most are free of cost. Even without enrolling in a specific program, it is possible to find study materials and practice tests online, making the preparation process much simpler and cost-effective. While there are no qualifications to study for the test, there are requirements of test-takers. All applicants must be at least 16 years of age, not be enrolled or graduated from any high school programs, and be able to provide valid photo identification. Unlike in other states, test-takers do not need to be state residents to take the GED test in Georgia. For test takers under the age of 18, it is required that an adult education program is completed and approval to test must be acquired. There is also a $32 fee for taking all sections of the test.

Top Test Sites

Many different types of institutions are capable of providing the GED test to applicants. For the most part, the test is offered at public high schools, technical colleges, and specialized adult education centers. The most abundant type of test center is the technical college. In Georgia, there are several technical college networks that offer the test and test-prep, including Albany Technical College, West Georgia Technical College, Central Georgia Technical College, and Savanna Technical College. There are countless more and depending on your location, some choices will be more viable than others. For a more in-depth and comprehensive test-prep program, the best choice is adult education centers. Some popular choices for adult education include Literacy Action Inc. and the Literacy Council of Macon County. Both technical colleges and adult learning centers will provide classes for willing students, but adult learning centers also cater to individuals who need help re-integrating into the sometimes confusing systems of professional and collegiate life.

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