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The General Equivalency Diploma is a substitute degree for a high school diploma, and over 4.5 million GEDs have been completed in the U.S. since 2000. The program is designed to help individuals restart their education where it left off and gain access to the wide range of benefits that are associated with more education. Job opportunities, career advancement, and college classes are all more easily attained with a GED.

What are the Requirements needed to take a GED Test?

Each state has unique requirements for qualifying to take the GED exam, but there are some general consistencies. All test-takers must be at least 18 years old in most states, though it is possible to take the test as early as 16 years old. For minors that want to qualify, there are additional forms required, particularly the Age Waiver form. Permission from parents, previous school superintendents, and sometimes state boards is required for under-age qualification. All test-takers must not have completed their high school diploma, and there are some varying requirements for the amount of time since enrollment in any public or private school. On average, test-takers must be out of school for at least six months before attempting the test. In some states, test-takers must prove they are residents of the state in which they are challenging the test. It is sometimes mandatory to enroll in adult education classes and pass the official GED Practice Test, but very few states have these prerequisites.

Can I take the GED Test Online?

No, it is not possible to take the official GED Test online. The GED program is state-funded and all testing services must be accredited by state boards. These boards designate test sites and allocate funding for these facilities. The official test sites offer two options for test format: paper or computer. The closest thing to an online GED Test is to take the test on a computer at a state-approved test site. It may be possible to take practice tests online, but there is no way to complete your GED without visiting a test site.

What is a GED Practice Test?

A GED Practice Test offers students a way to test their knowledge and preparedness for the official GED exam. There are many types of practice tests; some are focused in one subject and others represent the complete battery of subjects. Practice tests are designed using previous test questions and simulate actual test-taking conditions. They are extremely useful as study aides because they can illustrate a student’s strengths and weaknesses on the test, allowing for more focused preparation. They can give self-confidence and provide greater comfort with time limits or other test-taking pressures. Many students feel much better about their odds for success after passing numerous practice tests. Official GED Practice Tests can be found through the GED Testing Service, though there are many alternatives available online and at adult education centers. Some states require that test-takers first pass an official Practice Test before being allowed to challenge the GED exam.

How do I Get Started?

There are a few things to consider when getting started on your GED. First, decide your learning preferences and the type of student you are. Independently-minded students may prefer to obtain their own study resources and move at their own pace through subject material. Students that are seeking guidance through the test-taking process or prefer group work will be more comfortable taking adult education classes. Second, find out the requirements for taking the GED Test in your state. It may turn out that you must complete a few extra steps before signing up to take the test, such as classes or practice tests. Third, find a Test Site that offers the official GED exam and meets your specific needs as a student. There are many locations in each state for test sites and two options for test types. The GED Testing Service is currently updating their testing system to offer more computerized testing, with the intent to have a completely computerized test in the near future. There are still options for paper-and-pencil tests, but you may have to go out of your way to find a test site that offers this format. The GED Testing Service’s website has a very easy-to-use test site locator that can narrow down your search and make it much simpler to find your ideal test site. Once you have considered all your options for test-preparation services and test sites, the next step is to take action and start moving your education forward.

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