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Test-takers that prepare for the GED Test with a study guide often score higher than their unprepared peers. If you’re ready to start studying to get your General Equivalency Diploma, you should take some time to find the right study guide. There are five subject tests on the GED test and you’ve got to pass them all to complete your degree. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, but preparing for the test requires that you cover all your bases. A study guide can help you organize your study time and prioritize the subjects that are the most challenging to you. Whether or not you pass the test depends on the amount of time you spend preparing for it. To succeed, consider checking these places when looking for a GED study guide. 


GED Marketplace – The GED Testing Service has a large collection of GED classes and test-preparation materials available online at the GED Marketplace. This is the most legitimate source of study materials online. Many of the practice tests, subject reviews and study guides are compiled with material from the official test and previous tests.

Ebay / Amazon – These websites, along with many other types of digital marketplaces, host a large quantity of resale books. Study guides can be purchased second-hand from other test-takers at reduced prices. This is a useful way to get several different types of study guides or course reviews. With more options to choose from, there are better prices and a wider selection of review material for more practice.

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Adult Education Centers – Adult education centers are specifically designed to offer testing services and test-preparation courses to the public. For the GED, there are many different types of institutions that host adult education services. Test-preparation classes can be taken for free and in most cases, will provide students with study materials such as course reviews, practice tests, and study guides.

Community Colleges – Community colleges are another common site for state-approved testing services. In most cases, these facilities will be able to provide test-takers with important study aides and informational brochures about the GED test and test-prep. In most cases, community colleges will be able to provide advisors and mentors to help with the test-taking process, from studying to registration.

Public Schools – In some states, public schools are a convenient option for testing services and guidance through the GED program. Because the GED program is designed as an alternative to high school, many regional high schools will be well-informed on the testing process and the content of the test. These test sites will be able to provide some study materials and resources for more support.

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