GED Programs

There are hundreds of programs designed to guide people through the sometimes confusing process of completing a General Equivalency Diploma. Because the GED program is state-funded, every state is required to have resources for students that want to complete their high school education with a GED. No matter where you live, there are many different ways to get access to qualified instructors, career counselors, and life coaches that can help you continue your education to advance personally and professionally.

Adult Education Centers

As one of the most common places to find GED programs and workforce education, adult education centers are one of the best options for guidance and support. These institutions are most often run by non-profit organizations and are designed to serve their communities with educational services and career resources. There are many GED programs based at adult education centers, and many centers are also official GED Test Sites. This makes them a full-service program; students can study, practice, and take the test all in one place. They offer their services for little to no cost and accept all types of applicants. Even after completing the GED, there may be other services at adult education centers that can help test-takers get ahead in their careers.

Community and Technical Colleges

In some states, the main places to find GED programs are community colleges and technical colleges. These educational institutions offer two-year and four-year degrees, but also have a wide range of services for adult education. Many community colleges offer non-credit classes for GED test preparation and also host testing services. These types of programs may be useful for students that are considering taking their education even further beyond the GED, and taking classes at a community college can give a better sense of what it would be like to be enrolled at one. Technical colleges are also a good option because once a high school education has been completed, there are many vocational degrees and certificates that can be completed for access to new careers.

Online Programs

There are many online GED programs that offer test preparation and study materials. These online programs are not always as comprehensive as the other options because they are limited by their virtual nature. Students that choose these programs are most often trying to save on time and money, but there are some risks involved. There are many fraudulent programs that make promises to provide a diploma upon completion, but only state-funded test sites can offer official diplomas. There are also many online high schools that offer a high school diploma equivalent, but these businesses are known to make fraudulent claims about their accreditation. When choosing an online program, proceed with extreme caution. There are no shortcuts to meaningful success.

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