GED Practice Tests: What Works, What Doesn’t

Taking a GED practice test before getting your General Equivalency Diploma is one of the best ways to guarantee yourself a passing score on the official test. In many states, it is a mandatory prerequisite to pass a practice test and these states have significantly higher pass-rates than others. If you want to feel more prepared and get experience with GED test questions, a practice test is your best bet. 

What Works as a Practice Test?

If you’ve done any research online, you’ll know that there are hundreds of options for practice tests and study guides out there. But not all of these are approved by the GED Testing Service. In some cases, they won’t even ask questions that show up on the official test. These tests won’t do anything for you except give you some mental exercise. Rather than spend money on them, you should find an approved practice test. The best place to start your search is the GED Marketplace. This online vendor can provide study guides, subject reviews, and all types of practice tests for small fees. These tests are made with questions taken from previous tests, making them one of the closest imitations to the actual test that will count for credit. If you are more interested in free practice tests, these are the qualities of a good practice test:

  • 5 Subjects (Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies)
  • Math includes Algebra and Quantitative Solution Finding
  • Reading includes analytical questions on texts of 450-900 words
  • Writing includes a timed essay
  • Science includes life sciences, earth sciences, and physical sciences
  • Social Studies includes U.S. History, civics and government, and geography 

What Doesn’t Work as a Practice Test?

For every legitimate study program available for the GED, there are two fake programs. When choosing a practice test, study guide, or test-prep program, you need to be able to tell the difference between the real and the phony. There are many red flags that can inform you that a program is not all it promises:

  • Asking for money up front
  • Guarantees of an online diploma
  • No accreditation 

It can be tough to double-check a program’s accreditation, but it makes all the difference. The only GED programs that can provide you a General Equivalency Diploma are ones approved by the state of your residence. There are many practice tests available outside of state-approved testing centers, but these are the hardest tests to verify quality. Get in touch with a state-approved testing center or GED class for help double-checking the authenticity of any practice tests you come across. GED online classes are available in most states and a great tool for studying.

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