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The General Equivalency Diploma is designed to help people get access to more employment opportunities, higher education, and overall, better wages. So why pay for test preparation if the whole point is making more money? There are many options for free GED Classes and preparation materials that can help reduce the cost of completing your high school education. There are reasons to save on expenses, but cutting corners will not be helpful. Remember that there are no shortcuts to getting your GED, and classes can only prepare you to take the official test; they can’t give you your degree.


There are a few types of free GED Classes online, but they aren’t classes in the traditional sense. These programs offer step-by-step study guides and interactive course modules to help prepare test-takers to face the official GED Test. For the most part, the free online options only offer sample questions, practice tests, and links to more study resources. A common experience with these types of websites is that they do not offer enough information or provide feedback on your progress. Sample questions can quickly become repetitive and may not cover the entire breadth of the GED subject tests. If a student is struggling with a particular question, these computerized tests and automated programs do not always explain the correct answer in understandable terms or at all. It is not always enough to have practice materials; sometimes personal guidance is needed. Used in combination with other in-depth resources, these free online resources can be extremely useful for basic practice and getting a better feel for the GED Test.

In Person

The best options for free GED Classes are available in person at physical locations with real instructors. No matter where you live, every state has options for adult education programs. These programs can be found at adult education centers, some public schools, community colleges, state universities, and other types of educational institutions. The vast majority of them are free to enroll in and can provide many types of support. They offer expert instructors and experienced counselors that can not only help to prepare for and pass the GED Test, but also help with job placement and career planning. These services are designed to help those in the greatest need of support and can provide much more comprehensive assistance than online programs. Choosing to take classes at an adult education program or GED program can put you in touch with people who have been through it all before, and it is one of the most efficient and least stressful ways to complete your high school education.

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