The best opportunities for employment and education in Florida will require a high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma as a substitute. Taking classes to achieve your GED is the first step along a sustainable and rewarding career path. Not just for moving forward in a career, the rewards of self-development apply to multiple aspects of life. By investing in your education, you are investing in yourself and creating a more fulfilling future. Fortunately, the investment is only in time and effort, with most online classes offered for little to no cost. Even at specialized institutions for adult education, the cost of training is tiny compared to the benefits and rewards of having a GED. Across Florida, there have been over 300,000 GEDs given out since 2002, proving that many people recognize the value of the degree. The trend continues, and getting your secondary degree will remain a great option for self-improvement and better employment.

QualificationsGED Classes Florida

There are no qualifications required to enroll in GED classes online, though some physically-based programs will have more selective admission processes. The most valuable part of the test-preparation materials are available online for free and in great quantities. These materials (study guides, practice tests, learning modules) will be enough for the self-starter who can study independently, but test-prep programs may be more useful for those who are nervous about passing the test. Though there are no qualifications required for test-prep, there are qualifications for taking the actual test in Florida. Firstly, all applicants must be over the age of 18, unless they provide a GED age-waiver from their local school board. They must also be residents of Florida and not be enrolled in any school or have their high school diploma already.

Top Test Sites

In Florida, there are almost 100 test sites available to residents. They are distributed based on county and distinguished by the type of test they provide. With updates to the GED test program, computer-based testing is gradually replacing all paper-based tests. For the time being, paper tests are still available at select locations with computer testing constituting approximately half of the available options. Depending on your preference for test type and your location, there will be at least a limited selection of options to choose between. For the most part, tests are offered at public high schools, community or technical colleges, and adult education centers. Popular choices for colleges include the Florida State College network, the Pensacola State College, and the Seminole State College of Florida. For adult education programs, some top programs include Lafayette Adult Education and the Baker County Adult Education Center.

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