Do I Need GED Classes?

If you want to get your General Equivalency Diploma without wasting time, you should take GED classes. Taking classes may seem counter-intuitive to getting it done faster, but spending the right amount of time studying and preparing for the test will ensure that you pass on your first try, saving you time, money, and energy. Here are six important reasons GED classes will help you achieve your high school credential.

1.     Computerized Test Format

Starting in 2014, the GED test will only be offered on computer. This means that candidates that do not have experience with a computer will be at a severe disadvantage on the day of the test. All answers must be submitted through the computer and this means that all test-takers must be able to type on a keyboard and use the tools on a computer display. GED classes can be essential to gaining the experience you need for using a computer to answer questions and submit information.

2.     Practice Tests

One of the best ways to prepare for the official GED test is to take official practice tests. These tests are available for a small price online at the GED Marketplace, but adult education classes and GED test-prep programs will be able to provide many different practice tests for no additional cost. These practice tests come from old versions of the test and specific subjects on the test to prepare students with the exact types of questions they will encounter on the day of their real test.

3.     Study Groups

Some people learn best in a group setting. Having classmates and peers can help you gain confidence and find the motivation you need to master all the subjects of the GED test. Test-prep classes can put you in touch with a group of peers that are in a very similar situation to your own. Using your classmates as a support group can be the difference between passing with flying colors and scratching by.

4.     Career Counseling

Many adult education centers that offer GED classes also offer additional services like career counseling. One of the most important parts about getting your high school credential is that you become eligible for a wide range of new opportunities: college classes, vocational training, or a new job. Career counseling services can help you accomplish any of these goals by providing you with information and professional contacts to achieve your plans.

5.     Financial Aid

Because the GED Testing Service is sponsored by each state, there are many different types of entitlement programs and financial support available for people taking adult education classes for their GEDs. Most adult education classes and the additional services they provide are available for free to state residents. There are no financial roadblocks to getting your high school diploma if you find the right program.

6.     Higher Test Scores

Candidates that enroll in adult education and test-prep programs score significantly higher on the official GED test. The correlation between passing the test and taking classes is so high that some states require all test-takers to complete an adult education class before challenging the test. If you want to do your best on the test, seek out the guidance of experts and professionals to help you prepare for the rest of your future

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