A great way to start making more money at a better-paying job in Delaware is to complete your secondary education and get a General Equivalency Diploma. For those who have not completed high school, the job market can be especially limited. By getting a GED, the world becomes filled with opportunities where there were few before. It is the first step to applying to colleges and it can open many doors for employment. In Delaware each year, over 5,500 adults are serviced in educational programs with around 750 of them going on to complete the test.


In order to begin taking classes for GED preparation, there are not many requirements. At physical locations, there may be some test-score requirements to ensure the applicant’s ability to read and write. But online, there are no requirements. Many online test-prep programs provide free study materials including practice tests and study guides. A good place to begin GED Classes Delawarelooking is at the GED program’s main page online, where detailed information will lead to more useful options. There are a few qualifications that the state requires of all test-takers, however. In Delaware, all test-takers must be at least 16 years old, have no high school diploma, and not be enrolled in any school for over six months.

Top GED Test Sites

There is a large proportion of Delaware GED programs based in prisons and correctional institutes, though these institutions will not be useful for the average applicant. The facilities available to the public include public high schools, Delaware community colleges, and adult education centers. Given that the test centers are separated by county, the high schools that provide GED programs are regionally distributed. Some options include the Christina School District, the Red Clay School District, and the Appoquinimink School District. The Delaware Technical Community College network has many campuses that offer GED testing services, including those at Wilmington, Terry, Owens, and Stanton. For the most part, these campuses will also offer training programs and test-prep, which make them very popular options across the state. The adult education centers that people frequently choose are the Christina Adult Education Center, the New Start program in Odessa, and the program of Literacy Volunteers Serving Adults in Wilmington. A widely used option for online test preparation is the ABE-At-a-Distance program, which is a state-wide service provided by Delaware’s Board of Education. Students can receive free online classes and test-preparation, but will still have to find a test center to challenge the test for their degree.

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