Completing your General Equivalency Diploma in Connecticut is one of the best ways to seek out better employment opportunities. Designed as a substitute for the traditional high school diploma, the GED is a mark of distinction for adults who chose not to complete their secondary education. It demonstrates to employers that the candidate has the necessary motivation to complete tasks in an organized and efficient manner. The GED demonstrates the mental capabilities of its holder, proving the usefulness of their intellect and ability to apply critical thinking in a work environment. It has been useful for thousands of people, with over 30,000 given out in CT over the past decade. Not only useful for attracting employers, the GED is also an important measure of self-improvement for the individual. After completing your degree, the world is filled with opportunities for further self-improvement and reward.GED Connecticut


There are no qualifications required to take GED classes online. Some training centers require certain test-scores for program admission, but these are specialized centers that provide a service to select groups. Test resources are available online for no cost at all, which makes online test-prep an attractive option for many. Though there are no qualifications required to study, there are a few qualifications for taking the test. All test-takers must be at least 17 years old and live in Connecticut. They must not be presently enrolled in school or have previously completed their high school degree. Test-takers under the age of 18 must have proof of withdrawal from their last high school, with at least six months passed since their enrollment. All test-takers must register for the test by filling out an application in person and pay the $13 test fee.

Top Test Sites

There are fewer options for test centers, due to its limited size. Of the approximately 20 test sites, the majority are based at high schools. Basing your choice of test site on your location will be the most efficient. Of the choices that are not based at public high schools, a few are adult education centers. These institutions will also have study programs or preparation courses for qualified applicants. This option may be more appealing for those who are anxious about independent study and would prefer some guidance through the testing process. The adult education centers that also provide the GED test are in Bristol, Hartford, New Haven, New London, and Shelton. For the most part, these programs accept all applicants and will be able to guide any individual through the degree process.

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