If you haven’t completed your high school education, finding suitable employment in Colorado will be much easier with a General Equivalency Diploma. Designed as a substitute degree for the high school diploma, the GED demonstrates your ability to perform intellectual tasks and complete basic assignments. Both these qualities are extremely valuable in the eyes of employers and studying for your degree can be accomplished at your own pace. Online classes and free study materials are available in many places across the Internet and finding a program to fit your needs is easy. Since 2002, there have been over 10,000 GEDs awarded in the state of Colorado. Not just valuable forjob applications, the degree grants access to the rewards of a college education. The GED has been and continues to be a valuable stepping stone in the career paths of many.GED Classes Colorado


There are no mandatory qualifications for applicants to enroll in GED study programs. Especially online, there is a great wealth of information available for those preparing to take the test, including study guides, practice tests, and guided review. In order to challenge the test, there are some restrictions for applicants. All test-takers must be at least 17 years old and reside in the state of Colorado. Further, they must not be enrolled in an accredited high school or have completed their high school diploma. There is a fee for taking each part of the test, with a full battery costing between $110 and $115 in the state.

Top GED Test Sites

With close to 60 test centers in Colorado, the best way to choose your test site is by location. The centers are distributed within county lines, so depending on your residential region there will be a number of options available. The types of institutions that offer the test are community colleges, public high schools, adult education centers, and correctional facilities. Some of the most popular test-providers based at high schools include the Aurora Public Schools, the Colorado Springs Public Schools (based at Palmer High School), and the Montrose School District. Among the community colleges in Colorado, some favorites include the Community College of Denver, Morgan Community College, the Front Range Community College network, and Colorado Mountain College. For those who are not comfortable preparing for the test independently, it may be a better option to enroll in classes at an adult education center. Many of these institutions also provide the test at the end of the course, making the entire process more streamlined. Some options for this type of institution include the Durango Adult Education Center, Learning Source Belmar Center, and the Southern Ute Higher Education Center.

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