College with a GED?

The General Equivalency Diploma can open many doors that were closed to you before you completed your high school education. As one of the most recognizable substitutes for a traditional high school diploma, the GED can get you a new job, access to vocational training programs, and opportunities to enroll in college-level courses. In fact, 97% of employers and educators recognize the GED as the most acceptable form of alternative high school credentials. If you want to go to college and you never finished high school, the GED can get you through the admissions process and into college.

Top Colleges that Accept GED Holders: Two-year and Four-year Schools

College admission requirements vary between the educational institutions that offer college-level courses in the United States. There are two-year and four-year institutes that accept all types of students, including students with their GED credential. For the most part, community colleges and technical colleges are the most accessible options. These two-year colleges offer many different types of associate degrees and professional certifications that will improve your value as a professional, but also lead to further educational opportunities. The admission requirements at two-year institutions are more flexible than state universities or private colleges. These educational institutions are the most popular place for GED holders to continue their educations and the options keep growing as you advance your degree.

How to Get into Four-Year Institutions

Four-year institutions are more competitive than two-year colleges. For this reason, they take fewer students without traditional high school credentials. They have many strict requirements for acceptance based on GPA and extra-curricular activities. Without a valid GPA from your high school, you will have to provide a GPA based on the first 24 credit hours of college-level classes. This is why two-year institutions are so valuable for getting ahead in your education. By taking classes at a community or technical college, you can build a stronger resume for your application to four-year institutions. It is extremely important to work hard and fully-apply yourself at the two-year institutions you attend because the grades you receive will be critical for your application to a four-year institution. Four-year degrees are more commonly known as bachelor degrees and are required for many high-level positions. After you have completed a bachelor degree, it is possible to take your education even further and attain master’s degrees or other professional certification that will exponentially improve your professional value and overall employability. The more time you invest in your education, the more valuable your time becomes.

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