Check your Online GED Study Materials

A lot of people prefer to study independently for the GED, but using online study materials can get you into trouble fast. Not every source of information is reliable on the Internet, and sometimes the most convenient information is completely wrong. If you’ve been using online study materials for the GED, you should double-check their quality.

1.      The 5 Subjects

As a very general rule of thumb, you can check your study materials by their relevance to the real test. The official GED test has five subjects: Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, and Science. If your online study materials don’t cover these subjects, they won’t help you on the official test. Within each subject, there are specific types of principles covered. In Mathematics, your online study materials should have questions that cover algebra, geometry, statistics, probability, functions, and all types of quantitative problem solving (addition, multiplication, etc.). In Reading and Writing, the practice questions should offer text from informational sources and literary sources like poems or stories. In Science, your online test-prep should cover biology, physics, and earth/space science. Social Studies must cover U.S. history, geography, and civics. 

2.      Visit your Local Library 

One of the best places to find free study materials for the GED is at your local library. If you have been using numerous online sources for studying, you should double-check with the test-preparation material at the library. Compare the types of questions and information you’ve been practicing with to the free materials at the library. You can determine if you have been on target if your study resources generally match the library’s stock. The library is also a good place to check for adult education classes or test-preparation services. Some offer GED classes and very few offer testing services. 

3.      Check with the GED Marketplace

The most popular place to find online study materials for the GED is at the official GED Marketplace. This online vendor can provide many types of practice tests, subject reviews, and course guides for the official test. If your study materials do not match up with the ones found at the GED Marketplace, there is a good chance that they will not be useful for the actual test. A good way to use the marketplace is to buy specific subject reviews for any of the material that you feel most challenged by or a subject that is lacking in your online study materials. The resources are available for a low cost, but you can pick and choose which ones you want to buy for a more efficient purchase.

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