Career Benefits of a GED Degree

Education is the key to a better career and the GED is the first step to improving your job opportunities. The career benefits of a GED become apparent to anyone who has completed it within the first year of passing the test. Over 98% of employers and educators consider the GED to be an acceptable replacement for a traditional high school diploma, so there’s no reason to think it’s too late to finish your high school education. The sooner you invest time in your education, the sooner it will pay off in your career.

Better Wages

The most basic reason you should get your GED online is to make more money. According to the GED Testing Service, workers that have their high school credential make an average of $115 more per week. This adds up to $460 more per month and $5,520 per year! Test preparation classes are free and taking the test itself costs less than you could make in one week after you pass.

Fulfilling Jobs

Entry-level work doesn’t have to be boring or frustrating. There are plenty of jobs available to high school graduates that can be more fulfilling than those that don’t require a diploma. You could have options to work in healthcare, technology, marketing and other fields that have much more interesting tasks than the average entry-level job.

Career Advancement

If you want to climb the ladder in the workplace, you need to have the critical thinking skills to manage your team. Having a high school diploma will show that you have mastered the basic skills needed to keep things running smoothly when the day gets hectic. Not only this, but you will show your employers that you are invested in your education and value learning, both of which are needed to go further in your career.

Pursuing a College Degree

Once you’ve finished your high school education, you can start thinking about the next level: college. The best jobs in the country require an advanced education and you’ve got to get a college degree to improve your salary beyond the minimum. These degrees cost time and money, but once you’ve finished your GED, your new earnings can be put towards an even brighter future. There’s no rush, but if you know that your high school education is valuable, why not take it further? The sky is the limit.

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