Receiving your General Equivalency Diploma in Arkansas is one of the most responsible decisions to make for the future of your professional life. As an alternative to a high school diploma, the GED is designed for adults to demonstrate their abilities and intellect if they have not previously completed their secondary education. Passing the test and receiving a diploma will demonstrate to employers an ability to follow directions, to perform more complicated mental processes, and to complete assigned tasks in an orderly fashion. It is the first step along a much longer path of self-development, with many rewards available to the successful student, like employment with a competitive wage. One of the best ways to begin making more money at work is to invest in your education. In 2012 alone, over 6,500 people received their GEDs in Arkansas.

QualificationsGED Classes Arkansas

There are no qualifications required to begin taking classes for the GED online. Especially online, there is a great depth of free resources available for one to prepare for the exam, including study materials and practice tests. Some classes at physical locations will require particular prerequisites, but these are specialized institutes that provide a service to select groups of students. There are some requirements for taking the actual test, however. Because the Exam is provided free of charge in AR, applicants must first pass a practice GED exam with a total score of at least 2250. Then they are permitted to challenge the official test. You must not have completed their high school diploma and not be enrolled in any school. They must be at least 16 years old and a legal resident. For all applicants under the age of 18, parent or guardian permission is required to test and proof of withdrawal from their last school is required.

Top GED Test Sites

There are over 50 test sites across the state of AR. For the most part, they are based in community colleges or specialized adult education institutions. The main center for state testing, the Arkansas GED Testing State Administrative Office, is based in the Little Rock area. Also in Little Rock is the Little Rock Adult Education center. Arkansas State University has several campuses that provide the GED test, including New Port, Marked Tree, and Searcy. The technical college network of UAM College of Technology also has several campuses to provide the test to qualified applicants, including the McGehee, Crossett, and Hamburg campuses. These sites are divided based on county lines, so choosing based on location may be the most efficient way to pick a testing center.

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