The General Equivalency Diploma is a useful way for any individual in Arizona to complete their high school education. As a measure of intelligence and achievement, it is the very first step towards demonstrating your value to potential employers and businesses. A GED online program provides participants with the most valuable tools they will need to progress as a professional and as a student. In Arizona, the unemployment rate has hovered around 8%, and job fields related to Information, Financial Services, and Education have added more positions than most other fields over the past year. To gain access to these fields requires an education, and the GED can open many doors.


There are no qualifications required to begin studying for the GED test or to enroll in a class. In order to take the test, however, there are certain requirements for all applicants. ForGED Online Arizona starters, exam-takers must officially reside in the state of AZ. Anyone over the age of 18 may challenge the test, so long as they do not have a high school diploma already and are not enrolled in any school. No one under the age of 16 may challenge the test. For 16 and 17 year old test takers, they must not be enrolled in school and submit the Official Withdrawal Form from their last school. They must also provide proof of parent or guardian permission to take the test in the form of a Notarized Letter of Permission.

Top GED Test Sites

There are about 40 test centers in Arizona that provide the GED examination. For the most part, they are based at colleges and public schools. The centers are organized by county, so choosing your test-location based on location may be the most efficient way to decide. Some GED exam sites offer more comprehensive services than others, including classes and exam resources. These types of centers are specialized to provide adult education to Arizona communities and specialize in helping people achieve their GED. Some examples include the Chandler Library Adult Education program, the Rio Salado Adult Learning Centers (based in Surprise, AZ and Orangewood, AZ), and the Gila County Education Service Agency. Other options that are more common for providing the test are community colleges. Some of the most popular choices among these are the Brookline College network, the Frank X. Gordon community college network, and the Mohave Community College network. All of these test-centers will provide the same type of GED test, but some will also provide the options for classes, with choices for face-to-face learning and GED online, distance learning.

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