In the wide expanses of Alaska, finding employment will be much easier if you have your high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma. The GED is a useful alternative for individuals who did not finish high school or are interested in taking a different route to graduation. By getting your GED, you will become a more qualified employee and student, so that both professional and educational advancement is available to you. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the unemployment rate is on the decline and paused around 6% in March 2013. As the job market becomes more competitive, gaining access to well-paying positions will become more difficult without a high school diploma.


Most online GED classes do not require any prerequisites to enroll. But to challenge the GED online examination, there are several qualifications that applicants must meet.GED Alaska Firstly, all applicants must not have their high school diplomas. Secondly, there are varying age requirements. Any applicant of at least 18 years of age may challenge the test. Applicants who are over the age of 16 must submit their withdrawal slip from the last school attended. They must also provide proof of parent or guardian permission to take the test, or demonstrate their legal emancipation with the appropriate forms. The final requirement is that the applicant reside in the state of Alaska at the time they submit their application to challenge the GED exam.

Top GED Test Sites

There are 19 sites available to take the GED exam. Unlike other states, there is a wider variety of testing center types. The exam is offered at military schools, community colleges, state universities, and state offices specifically designed to provide GED tests to the communities. One military academy that offers GED classes and the exam is the Alaska Military Youth Academy, located in Fort Richardson. Some popular choices for community colleges test-sites (all under the banner of the University of Alaska – Anchorage) are Kodiak College, Kenai Peninsula College, and Prince William Sound Community College. For applicants who are outside of the military and academic worlds, it may be more useful to seek programs that specialize solely in GED attainment. Some test centers that will be helpful in terms of training and test-providing are the ABE/GED State Office of the Department of Labor, the Southeast Regional Resource Center, and the Adult Learning Programs of Alaska. Because of state geography, your choice of testing center may be based on convenience of location, but consider investigating some options for their ability to provide detailed information and support through the process of achieving your GED online.


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